1700 W.S. Third Street
Shelbyville, Illinois 62565







Administrative Staff
Stephen L. Melega, M.A.,H.S.A, Public Health Administrator
Jennifer Beeson, R.N., Director of Nursing and Health Services

Jeffrey A. Houska, L.E.H.P., Director of Environmental Health Services

Melissa Jennings, Fiscal Services Manager

Melanie Clark, Bookkeeper / WIC Intake
Ashton Ballinger, Secretary / WIC Intake

Environmental Health Staff
Christina Hewing, B.S.

Nursing and Health Service’s Staff
Kelsey Randolph, R.N., Maternal Child Health Coordinator

Taylor Clark, R.N., Public Health / CD Nurse

Staci Christer, R.N., Public Health / MCH Nurse

Hannah Hubner, R.N. Public Health / MCH Nurse

Robbi Fleshner, Vision and Hearing Tech / CD Contact Tracer






1700 W.S. Third Street
Shelbyville, Illinois 62565